DIY Lace Shorts


DIY lace shorts

Lace shorts, especially white ones are totally in right now, but can be quite expensive to buy.

Time to DIY it up and create our own lace shorts in just a few simple and easy steps.

White shorts and white lace are fashionable, but pastel pinks are also pretty to wear. So start off buy selecting a pair of shorts to re-vamp. Place these shorts on a flat surface. if you have a large roll of lace, cut the last into thin strips and have them the horizontal length of the shorts. If you have a roll of lace that is already in thin strips (as pictured ), just place these over the shorts and cut when the fabric covers one length of the shorts. Lace can be found in any craft store or textile store. If you like to sew, you can sew the strips of lace onto the shorts, one at a time. Otherwise, you can use fabric glue to glue the lace strips onto the shorts. Let it dry and then turn the shorts over to do the other side. And voila!! Your own lace shorts.

To add your own personal touch to it, you could add some different coloured lace or shorts to make them unique and your own.

white lace

white shorts

How to style the shorts.


The shorts pictured here have a pink tone to it. They were paired with a simple white button up blouse and a printed clutch.


These shorts are also pinkier and this look is very casual. Just paired with a nude takn top and a denim button up, that was left open. Layer on some jewelry and sneakers for a more casual look.  images

This last look was paired with a red flowy tank top and an oversized cardigan, for when it gets a bit cooler. Add gold jewelry for a more comfy chic look.

Add a brown belt too, to pull a look together.

Enjoy and good luck. xoxo


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