Get Bikini Body Ready

Get Bikini Body Ready

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What could be better than lounging by the beach all day and soaking up the gorgeous sun?? Of course, the beach means wearing a bikini… but don’t fret.

Here are some simple and effective exercises that you can do at home to get you bikini body ready and make you feel more confident in that beautiful bikini! So let’s get started…

tumblr_inline_mk4keaPbto1qz4rgp_large First things first: Drink lots of water, between 1.5-2 litres a day. Not only will water keep you super hydrated and healthy, but it is also so good for your skin. The only problem is that the water goes to all of your internal organs before it goes to your skin so drink up!! Your skin will love you for it!


Now onto the abs. Do some jumping jacks to warm up and then onto the floor. You can use a yoga mat or if you have a carpet in your room then that should be comfortable enough. Then start with 20 bicycle crunches, making sure to not let your lower back lift off the floor. If it does, don’t bring your legs down as much.

Then 2o v-ups. These are so effective and so simple to do. Simply lift your legs up straight, then reach your hands up to your feet, lifting your head and upper back off the floor. Oh you will feel it in your abs!

Next are the 20 oblique twists. Simply bend your knees and sit up. Then slowly lower your back to the floor, but stop at the 45 degree angle. This should already burn. Clasping both hands together, move your arms and hands from one side to the other. If you want to add more weight, hold some weights in your hands while doing this exercise.

Afterwards, quickly lye down and stretch your hands over your head to stretch out your abs.

Then repeat!!!


And always remember to have fun!!!

Enjoy and Good Luck xxx






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