Fall in Love with these DIY’s

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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, only a few days left to go. Whether you’re spending the day with a special someone, your friends or even just chilling at home, these cute and easy DIY’s will get you into the Valentine spirit. So let’s get started….


Ok so this first one isn’t actually a DIY, but it is a nice way to add some lovin’ into your room. Simply add a white blanket to compliment any red or pink heart shaped pillows or cushions that you may have. And voila! Your couch is Valentine ready!


Next are these super simple cards, that are different and unique. Instead of writing love or drawing hearts onto homemade cards, add red or pink coloured buttons and fabric. Simply use a hot glue gun to stick the buttons onto the card, in any shape that you prefer, I have a heart pictured above. Let it dry and when it has, you have a lovely and unique card.

For the next one, all you need is some wool or any fabric of your choice. Personally i think pipe cleaners work best. You just need to wrap it around itself to create any word that you would like, such as Love, Be Mine and I heart you. It’s so easy and cute!


This one is also super easy and done in no time. Simply chose pink and red paper and cut them into hearts, small and large. Then, using a needle. thread in and out through the hearts, one small then  one big, to create a really adorable decoration to hang up on your wall!!


This as so awesome for your room and can be used any day of the year. Taking cardboard, cut it into a heart. Then, taking fairy lights, place it onto the heart and mark out where you would like the light bulbs to be seen. Taking a pair of scissors, cut holes in the areas that you marked for the light bulbs. Now all you have to do is loop the lights through the holes and hang up onto your wall! Chic!!

I hope you enjoyed and Good Luck. xx

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