LA Story


“I’m waking up on Sunset Boulevard, I’m maxin’ out all my credit cards. Livin’ my own LA story. Livin’ it up till the morning!”

[✔] penny board
[✔] white converse
[✔] ankle bracelet
[✔] headphones
[✔] summer

Being able to skateboard has been on my Bucket List for the longest time ever. And now, slowly, very slowly, I’m starting to learn. By myself… The hot sun and all round awesome summer definitely helps a lot. It just makes it so much more fun. Yes, there has been some falling. And yes, my legs are bruised. And yes, I had to cover them up last night, so that I could still wear a dress and not have people wonder why I ruined a perfectly good dress with those hideous multicoloured tights… But soon when I’m cruising down the road with Bruce Springsteen in my ear and the wind in my face, it will all be worth it. At least I hope it will. Because I doubt my multicoloured tights looking legs will be a big hit at the beach… Oh dear…