Green Juice

image One of the best ways to start your day is with an immune boosting green smoothie. With so many food blenders to chose from nowadays, making one has never been easier. Plus it has a whole bunch of benefits for your skin, hair and overall health. So lets get started. You will need: – the juice of 1 lemon – the juice of 1 large orange – half of an avocado – 1 banana – a handful of spinach – some kale – chia seeds – ice cubes – water Juice the orange and lemon and pour into blender. Add the spinach, kale and banana. Cut an avocado in half and place half into the blender. Add ice and water and chia seeds. Blend until desired consistency. Pour into a glass and enjoy!!!


That autumn feeling


Sitting on a park bench, toes tucked in nicely into some black boots, knees warmed by pulled up socks and fingers tightly knit around a hot drink. A single red and orange leaf slowly falls into a puddle nearby, making the water crackle and dance around it. I take out the magazine I just bought and flick trough the pages, finding new trends and ways to wear those summer dresses. I look down at my coat and smile to myself, thinking that I may have worn something trendy for once. I put the magazine back into my handbag, take out my mirror and touch up the burgundy lipstick before I jump up and walk through the arch of red  trees. A nearby stall is selling pumpkin pies, another freshly ground coffee, the other some crepes. The aromas of Autumn fill the air and make me so happy I grin like an idiot to myself.

A Taste of Summer

A Tastw of Summer

My eyes were nearly fried this morning it was so bright in my room. And that with my blinds down. Which can only mean one thing: the dull clouds have finally given up and are letting the beautiful sun come out.
And I could not be happier. So to start of the wonderful and sunny day, I squeezed some fresh oranges and sliced some Carambola (otherwise known as star fruit ) which is just so pretty. Plus it tastes incredible. Like a fruity explosion in your mouth. It just reminds me of a tropical paradise.
And for a brief moment, when the sun was shining so bright that I could hardly see, and my mouth could taste the sweet oranges, I almost believed that I was in the Carribean. But then I opened my eyes and *poof* it was all gone.
But hey, we all get to dream.
Now that exams are finally over and the heat is rollin’ in, it’s time to dig out those ├╝ber cute shorts and sandals and get ready for the Summer!!