Autumn is finally coming to end, with Christmas lights and decorations going up and the weather getting considerably colder, I thought I’d wear a lovely green dress one more time…

So here’s a really quick Outfit of the day…. And where I purchased the items in the pictures.


Green dress : Oasis

Black ankle booties : New Yorker

Sunglasses : Ray Ban’s

Hair tie : Penneys/Primark



DIY colourful sneakers

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 15.40.56






Hey guys,

Right now Penneys (or Primark ) have these white sneakers for about 3 euro and they also have them in various colours. I’ve had my ones for a while, so they ended getting quite dirty. I saw tribal print ones in Topshop a while back, but they didn’t have them in my size. i was a bit upset as I really liked them. I was extremely excited when I saw this on Instagram the other day and just had to share it. It’s so easy to do and I immediately tried it out at home. You can draw on any print that you like. I did mine like the one in the picture above.

All you need is a pair of sneakers, preferably white and some fabric markers. You could use normal sharpie markers, but you will run the risk of having the colours bleed and fade. You could also use fabric paint for the design, but the consistency of that would be a lot thicker and take much longer to dry. But it is completely up to you. You can design them however you wish to create your own unique and funky sneakers.

For the print above, it’s easiest to cut your desired design onto paper(such as zig-zags) and then just trace it. repeat with a different colour and keep this going. ( Look at the picture below )imgres

It also makes it easier if you take the shoelaces out before attempting your design, to ensure none of the colour goes on them. Unless you want them to be colourful.. ūüôā It’s all up to you…. So get creative and design your own shoes!!!!

Here are some other design ideas.


blogger-4412_large These shoes are not white, so not all colours will be opaque on it. With brown shoes, black is the best colour to go with, as it will be seen quite clearly. Here, the laces have also been cutified with a tribal design.

Enjoy and Good luck. xoxo

Style Steal : Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

e9675ed939  Photo Credit : Twistmagazine.com ( http://www.twistmagazine.com/posts/ariana-s-floral-frock-14939 )

ariana_look_for_less Photo Credit : Twistmagazine.com ( http://www.twistmagazine.com/posts/ariana-s-floral-frock-14939 )

(left to right) Blooms Day Dress, $68, nastygal.com

Summer Floral Flippy Dress, $58, topshop.com

Moulded Hip Dress, $93.34, asos.com

I just love floral patterns, polka dots and pastel colours, especially during the summer, where you can just wear and buy the cutest dresses ever! I have been so in love with Ariana’s style and tried to find where she got them. The dress she wore on the Ellen Show is by far one of my favourites, but as it is a Dolce & Gabanna dress (shown above), which was priced at $627.00 during the sale, I tried to find some cheaper options.

Ariana Grande, Nickelodeon starlet, has such an amazing sense of style, totally cute and girly and now, totally stealable. Tehe ūüôā Her clothes are just so adorable

She wears quite a lot of florals and polka dots (like myself) , always looking so cute. I love her style so much and thought I would show you ways to steal her style, which btw is really affordable. So here we go….

Outfit 1)

ariana_grande3 photo credit: justjared.com

Ariana Grande wore a  Floral Corset Tunic from Topshop ( $64.00 )

Outfit 2)

arianagrandewatermelonshortsgreybralet Photo Credit: agrande-news

Ariana wore an  American Apparel Knit Bralette Top ( $4o ) Lazy Oaf Watermelon Shorts  ( $55.00 )

Outfit 3)

arianagrandefloraldress Photo Credit: agrande-news

Ariana met fans while wearing an American Apparel Floral Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress ( $50.00 )

Outfit 4)

ariana_grande41 Photo Credit: justjenette.com

Ariana wore a black polka dot skirt from Lulu’s  ( $33.00) during a photo shoot with Jenette McCurdy

Side note : A similar polka dot skirt can be found at Penney’s ( $7.00 )

Enjoy and Good luck. xoxo