DIY Brandy Melville Chiyo Bralette

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So summer is coming up and the wetaher is getting super warm outside, so obviously those crop tops and racer-back tops are making their way out of the closet. Brandy Melville sell a really cute bralette, the Chiyo Bralette, for $19, so I thought I would make one myself, for as little as $5!!!

What you will need:

a brallete (from primark)
black thread
a needle
and some elastic

So let’s get started.

Start by cutting off the back of your brallete.
Cut as close to the seam as possible for a cleaner finish.

Then, measuring the elastic around your back, cut the elastic into strips.

I decided to cut three, rather than the original six, I just prefered the look of it. You can obviously do as many as you like.

Then just sow your strips of elastic across the back.

Once you have done that, you can cut two smaller sized elastic strips to be sewn on vertically.

If you want you could add some straps over the shoulders, but I prefered the strapless look.

And it’s so simple!! Now you can wear your super cheap and totally cute bralette!!


OOTD: Daisy Lovin’


I only recently uploaded and OOTD that featured daisies, and well today, this outfit may include some daisies too. Basically, I’m obsessed. Daisies are my life right now. I walked into a shop one day and decided then and there that my already full wardrobe needed daisy shorts, daisy print shoes, daisy flower crowns, daisy kimonos and well… All else daisy printed. Too much now? NEVER! In the future? Most probably yes. But hey, at least I’m getting good wear out of them now…

And to top all this daisy goodness off, just a few spritzes of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, because well it’s kinda appropriate at this present moment.

I’m really loving pairing simple denim shorts with cute tops and converse. It’s cute and comfortable and you just don’t need to worry about anything.

LA Story


“I’m waking up on Sunset Boulevard, I’m maxin’ out all my credit cards. Livin’ my own LA story. Livin’ it up till the morning!”

[✔] penny board
[✔] white converse
[✔] ankle bracelet
[✔] headphones
[✔] summer

Being able to skateboard has been on my Bucket List for the longest time ever. And now, slowly, very slowly, I’m starting to learn. By myself… The hot sun and all round awesome summer definitely helps a lot. It just makes it so much more fun. Yes, there has been some falling. And yes, my legs are bruised. And yes, I had to cover them up last night, so that I could still wear a dress and not have people wonder why I ruined a perfectly good dress with those hideous multicoloured tights… But soon when I’m cruising down the road with Bruce Springsteen in my ear and the wind in my face, it will all be worth it. At least I hope it will. Because I doubt my multicoloured tights looking legs will be a big hit at the beach… Oh dear…

Salt in the air, sand in my hair

Salt in the air, sand in my hair

Of course, the day the exams start, summer arrives. Because what’s more awesome than sitting in a stuffy exam room, while everyone else is soaking up the sun. Yeah maybe it’s not so awesome.
Luckily, I’m not stuck writing an exam. Pfewh….
Anyhoo, sunshine is the best excuse for a super cute outfit. And a super cute outfit is the perfect excuse for getting a Starbucks mango and passion fruit juice blend. So good and refreshing. 🌺🐬
I mean is it just me or is life better in a floppy sun hat and sandals?? With Starbucks in your hand.
And just remember: The tans will fade, but the memories will stay!


Casual Stripes OOTD


Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 16.45.49      Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 16.45.54           Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 16.45.59

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 16.46.03


“Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn

Stripes are super simple, yet super elegant and chic looking. Paired with a polka dot print headband, a black statement necklace, skater skirt and black high tops, we have the perfect comfy chic outfit. I adore converse and think everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe.. They just go with everything and do a fine job of making any look more casual and daytime appropriate.

So Kimye recently got married in France and now they are on their honeymoon in Ireland. So what outfit is more French meets Irish than stripes and converse? This one!! Well, ok maybe this isn’t the first one that would pop into your mind but… I thought this was cute. Plus, it kinda makes me feel like I’m in Paris, walking down a Boulevard holding a croissant in one hand and using the others to push down my sunglasses so I can admire all the cute boys.. *ahem*

Anyhoo, this outfit is just super simple but makes you feel completely put together and ready to face the day with a bright smile and positive attitude!


A Taste of Summer

A Tastw of Summer

My eyes were nearly fried this morning it was so bright in my room. And that with my blinds down. Which can only mean one thing: the dull clouds have finally given up and are letting the beautiful sun come out.
And I could not be happier. So to start of the wonderful and sunny day, I squeezed some fresh oranges and sliced some Carambola (otherwise known as star fruit ) which is just so pretty. Plus it tastes incredible. Like a fruity explosion in your mouth. It just reminds me of a tropical paradise.
And for a brief moment, when the sun was shining so bright that I could hardly see, and my mouth could taste the sweet oranges, I almost believed that I was in the Carribean. But then I opened my eyes and *poof* it was all gone.
But hey, we all get to dream.
Now that exams are finally over and the heat is rollin’ in, it’s time to dig out those über cute shorts and sandals and get ready for the Summer!!

My blood type is… Starbucks ♡



Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 15.53.43    Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 15.53.43


A new Starbucks recently opened up near me, which I thought was a REALLY awesome idea at the time.. now not so much. I’m not much of a coffee lover, so I didn’t think i’d be going in so much,  but I have been obsessed with the Vanilla Bean Creme, Double Chocolate Chip and Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino. Oh My Freakin Goodnesss they are so good… and don’t even get me started on their teas… I honestly don’t even know how I lived a life without them! 

Plus, they introduced a new drink…….. The Coconut Mocha!!! Coconut!!! Coconut!!! I LOVE Coconut!!! It is literally summer in a drink.. so delicious. Oh and those coconut shavings on the creamy goodness that they call whipped cream is heavenly. 

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 15.49.46              tumblr_mqkq9sCnd21r4d009o1_500

I’ve also been sooo obsessed with Essie’s Mod Squad and white Converse. But  I think every girl is when summer rolls around. Paired with a pair of comfy fitting jeans and a basic tee, the perfect summers outfit is sorted! 


Plus I saw this online today, and it’s so freakin cute! Anyone know where you can get these? Little Starbucks for your phone… perfection!! 

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 15.54.15

All I’m saying is Victoria’s Secret NEEDS to be my bedroom, Starbucks my Kitchen and Gucci my closet!

xx ♡ xx